How to quickly set up WordPress so it’s ready for content and developer updates in 10 minutes.

  1. Download an installation of the latest version of WP, here.
  2. Once you install it on your machine, download MAMP, here.
  3. Set up a GitHub account, here.
  4. Drag the WP folder into the htdocs folder of MAMP
  5. Fire up MAMP and start the servers.
  1. Use terminal in hosting service side of things to git init, add and commit things locally.
  2. Then git push to a repo (that you make here or existing) up on GitHub
  3. Then git pull down from GitHub down to local
  4. Follow in reverse for local to GitHub to prod
  1. Locate what will be the master db — likely to be the live site on phpmyadmin
  2. Export the SQL db keeping in mind the usernames associated with this db as well
  3. Go to local phpmyadmin and create a equally named DB
  4. Once created import the db from production into this DB
  5. Change the name in wp_options
  6. Ensure that the correct username is created and assigned with all permissions to this db that matches the db username of prod
  7. Change wp-config to match prod
  8. Refresh the permalinks so that all the urls realign up



  1. Write blog post in production and have a weekly automated backup of the DB
  2. Pull down backup to local every week to keep up to date
  3. Do development on local and commit to local often with appropriate branch
  4. Push changes at the end of the day to GitHub to corresponding branch
  5. Once development commits/changes are solid and ready to go to prod push them out
  6. Once pushed to prod, immediately pull down copy of DB to local



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