The Year of Focus and Intentionality

  • Increase my ability to focus on something
  • Be more intentional and dedicated to my passions and priorities
  1. Strengthen the relationships I care about the most
  2. Immerse myself in the activities and task that will bring the most dividends
  3. Make me stronger in the areas of focus I want:
  • I want to become a stronger leader in delegation and following up to ensure goals are being met. I plan to do this by keeping track of every delegated task out there with associated timeline and using part of my 20 minutes for every job I have to follow up on that.
  • Stronger technologist. Publishing more works on what different technology is, how it can be used for everyday people, and promoting more of my own code into GitHub. I plan to do this by setting study time every week (reading books, watching courses/lectures online, attending events, and reviewing my notes for each) then publishing 1 long form paper per week (800+ words) on a subject I’m interested in, and promoting my code up to Github also once per week.
  • Stronger understanding in the financial markets and having opinions on what different world events can signal. I plan to do this by reading more on world events, grasping a better understanding of what happens, writing down my thoughts, and running these by the experts I interact with.
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships in the workplace, and in personal life. I plan to do this by having 1 day per week where I call 1 friend to catch up
  • Meeting more diverse thoughts and ideas in everyday life. I plan to do this by having a weekly coffee chat with a new person, and attending/hosting at least 1 meetup event per month.
  • Elevate my health and fitness to levels I haven’t seen before. I plan to do this by getting a personal trainer and attend at least 1–2 classes besides my own workouts.

Pro-tip: While a lot of top-performers may not use any music and simply work by mentally filtering noise out, I find that a really good soundtrack can permit you increased concentration via physical aid: Something about the headphones even just being in and slightly drowning out exterior noise helps, then the right music that just allows you to immerse yourself is great. For me, the focus genre on Spotify is amazing. Specifically, the All-Nighter playlist has been my go to for the last 5 months. Whenever I don’t feel particularly strong-willed to just mentally focus and drown out noise I stick my Airpods in and get to work. Works really really well.



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